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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Delhi-Jaipur Highway riddled with potholes

Thru Indian Express

IF you thought that the National Highways connecting the capital to cities in other states meant a smooth ride, think twice. The Delhi-Jaipur Highway, far from being a great long drive experience, is pockmarked with huge potholes at several places.

While over 13 km of the stretch between Bhabhru and Shahpura is riddled with crater-sized potholes, the ares around it is no better with uneven texture and patchy repair at several places. Residents in the area said that the road has been poor for over an year now , especially after the recent spell of rains. Ajay Singh, an auto driver from Patwa - a village near Bhabhru on the highway - said that the road was a big problem during monsoons.

Jaipur heritage grooming : HindustanTimes.com

Thru HindustanTimes.com

The Rajasthan government has decided to develop 52 historical sites in the vicinity of the Pink city as part of its efforts to market the area as an international destination for heritage, health and eco tourism.