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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

भारतीय रंग में विदेशियों की शादी

Thru BBCHindi

पश्चिमी देशों के पर्यटकों में भारत आकर स्थानीय रीति रिवाज़ से ब्याह करने की ललक जाग रही है जिससे ऐसे विवाहों का चलन हाल के दिनों में ख़ासा बढ़ा है.
राजस्थान में ऐसी अनेक शादियाँ आयोजित की जा चुकी हैं.

बहुरंगी संस्कृति और विवाह समारोह की विशिष्ठता तो इन पर्यटकों को लुभाती ही है लेकिन कुछ को लगता है भारतीय विधि विधान में सात फेरे लेकर ही यह शादियाँ अधिक टिकाऊ लगती हैं.

स्विटज़रलैंड के एक ऐसे ही प्रेमी युगल ने जयपुर में स्थानीय रीति रिवाज़ से विवाह किया.

The Amity group plans an "education valley" near Jaipur

Thru HindustanTimes.com

"By 2015, we want to be the biggest education providers in India. By 2030, we want to be the biggest education providers in the world. It looks difficult, but it is quite easy if you provide quality education without any compromise."

Giving details of his plans for India, Chauhan said the group was building an Amity Education Valley spread over 150 acres near Jaipur on the highway to New Delhi.

The education valley, he said, would offer advance courses in business management, IT, biotechnology and telecom technology among other streams.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Shahjahan's Taj finds place in US

Thru The Times of India (IANS)

JAIPUR: History says emperor Shahjahan had the hands of people who made the Taj Mahal chopped off so that no one could replicate the luminous 17th-century monument of love.

But defying the emperor's order centuries down is a sculptor from Rajasthan. Arjun Prajapati claims to have built a replica of the Taj Mahal, which is so perfect that no historian, archaeologist or connoisseur of art can detect an iota of difference between his work and the original.

Prajapati's Taj is created from white Makrana marble, the same material as was used in the original. It is 5.5 feet high and erected on a 7 ft by 7 ft platform.
Prajapati is a well-known sculptor from Rajasthan who has made sculptures of personalities like Bill Clinton, Prince Charles, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.

His sculptures have found a place in the University of Rajasthan and various other public places across the country.
He said "this madness about making a Taj Mahal just like the real one" had given him much satisfaction.

"So when a New Jersey institute proposed that I recreate the Taj Mahal, I grabbed the opportunity," Prajapati said.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

'भगवान के भरोसे' राजस्थान सरकार

Thru BBCHindi

मानसून दस्तक दे रहा है और राजस्थान की मुख्यमंत्री वसुंधरा राजे सिंधिया की सरकार ने अच्छी बरसात के लिए ईश्वर की शरण ली है.

राज्य सरकार के मंत्री आगामी 21 जून को प्रमुख धार्मिक स्थलों पर विशेष पूजा-पाठ करके अच्छी बारिश की कामना करेंगे.

इस 'धर्मपरायण क़दम' की विपक्षी कांग्रेस पार्टी ने जमकर खिल्ली उड़ाई है और कुछ ठोस काम न करने के लिए सरकार की आलोचना की है.

Astro turf grounds to be prepared at Jaipur

Thru deepikaglobal.com

Jaipur, June 16 (UNI): Astro turf grounds will be prepared at Jaipur and Ajmer to promote hockey in Rajasthan, state Sports Secretary Dinesh Goyal said today.

He said the Central government had cleared a proposal in this regard and work on the project would start soon.

A synthetic athletic track too would be developed in Jaipur at a cost of Rs three crore, he added.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

"Subway" in Jaipur

Thru Financial Express

[...] Subway India head Gurpreet Gulari said: “In all, 16 Subway QSRs (quick service restaurants) are already under construction and are expected to be operational in next three months. Out of this, nine outlets are being added in the current locations while seven are opening in new locations - Surat, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Goa, Jaipur, Ranchi and Calcutta."
Subway is strengthening its Indianised portfolio further: its international food technicians are said to be working closely with Indian suppliers to offer a new range of localised menu.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Jessica debuts with Chot

Thru Indiafm.com

A Jaipurite makes her debut in Hindi films. Come to think of it, I don't recall a single person from Jaipur in recent times who have made in the movies, especially so as an heroine. BTW, anyone has any opinion on Jessica?

Well-known fashion model Jessica Randhawa came to Mumbai from Jaipur and contested for the Miss India title in 1994 (where Sushmita Sen was the winner). After that, she shifted base to Delhi where she bagged some modeling offers and fashion shows. She makes her Bollywood debut with Chot.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Bollywood Institute of Films and Technology

By M P Garg (Screen)

The well-known music director Dilip Sen, who belongs to the famous musicians’ family from Sujangarh (Rajasthan), while talking to newspersons in Jaipur on May 20, declared about setting up Bollywood Institute of Films and Technology in mid-July at Subhash Nagar Shopping Centre in Jaipur for the training of budding artists of Rajasthan for their easy entry into Mumbai’s film Industry. The institute will take up courses - both short-term and long-term in film acting, modelling, TV journalism, sound recording, and production management. During the course of their training, the trainees will be addressed by Mumbai film personalities like Neena Gupta, Farida Jalal and Saawan Kumar, Dilip Sen added.

Writ petition against conversion

By M P Garg (Screen):

After preliminary hearing of the writ petition in public interest filed by advocate Naveen Chandra, Chief Justice Anildev Singh and Justice Harbanslal bench ordered for serving ‘show cause’ notices to the State Government, Jaipur Development Authority (JDA), Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC), the Collector, and the Manprakash cinema on issue of converting the Manprakash cinema into a multi-storeyed commercial complex. The Rajasthan High Court order added, “Why not a CBI inquiry into the matter?”.
It may be added that Manprakash Talkies, named after Maharaja Sawai Man Singh, the oldest cinema hall of Rajasthan, which began showing films from May 2, 1935, closed down an year ago, for conversion into a commercial complex, a joint venture of cinema owner Laxmi Chamaria (daughter-in law of late Radha Krishna Chamaria) and Surendra Golcha of the Golcha cinema.

Biotechnology policy to boost investment

Thru Kerala News

Jaipur, India : In a bid to attract investment in biotechnology, Rajasthan plans to announce an investor friendly policy offering special concessions to prospective entrepreneurs.

Highly placed sources in the state government said the policy was being worked out and would be on the lines of similar plans in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka where lucrative incentives are being offered.
Accordingly, the state's development and financial institution, Rajasthan Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO), is considering developing state of the art biotech parks in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bhiwadi.

RIICO would develop high-class infrastructure in terms of developing plots, providing continuous power, high-speed data facility, roads and common testing facility in these parks to be set up on 30 acres.

Thursday, June 10, 2004