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Monday, August 15, 2005

Yoga tourism soaring in Pink City

Yoga apepars to be the new USP of the Rajasthan capital.

More and more travel agencies are devising yoga packages, saying one out of 10 foreign tourists and corporate visitors come here exclusively for yoga classes.

The Pink City, it seems, it becoming the new favourite for those who want to plunge into yoga.

R.S. Rathore, general manager of Hotel Mansingh, told IANS: 'Five years ago nobody knew about health or yoga tourism here. Today it has outrun all expectations.

'Apart from tourists, large groups from the corporate sector come just to learn yoga.'

Karan Singh of Surya Tours and Travels said: 'Gone are the days when the quest for mental peace used to drive people to places like Rishikesh or southern India. Today Jaipur is replacing them all.'

Full story via Indo-Asian News Service